One of the most crucial steps in reaching Turkish Cargo’s long-term strategic goals, COMIS Portal Project, which consists of 7 advanced modules has been completed by mdigital, ensuring its entagration with the iCargo product.

The advanced integration proficiency Medyasoft Digital has achieved by integrating in many large-scale projects played a fundamental role in success of the project.. Acting on this achievement, Turkish Cargo carried out the start-up meeting of Cargo Portal and Corporate Website projects on July 14, 2017; coming out with the decision to implement the COMIS Portal Phase 2 project with 30 mods via Medyasoft Digital.

Cargo President Şeref Kazancı, Turkish Airlines Deputy General Manager (Cargo) Turhan Özen, Cargo Vice President Halit Anlatan, Cargo Vice President Serdar Demir, Turkish Airlines Deputy General Manager (KGBT) Ali Serdar Yakut, Turkish Airlines Corporate and Operational Solutions Head Mustafa Eğilmezbilek and Cargo Solutions Department employees who will take part in the project later on attended the meeting. Digital Solutions Director Mehmet Taha Doğruyol, Project Management and Strategy Development Manager Ertürk Yılmaz, Product Development Manager Bilal Adak and Medyasoft Digital employees who will also be working on the projetcs participated in the meeting, too.

During the meeting, the presentation done by Medyasoft Digital defined the project’s progress, milestones and scope.

In new project

  • Turkish Cargo website will be renewed, providing an exceptional design suitable with contemporary trends and Unigate Content Management System infrastructure,
  • Turkish Cargo native mobile applications will be developed in iOS and Android platforms,
  • Cargo Portal System’s leftover modules will be upgraded, their integrations ensured and
  • All these projects will be provided with maintenance support service for 7 years after launch.

Cargo Portal Project

Cargo Portal which will enable cargo agencies to make sales and operational transactions online via web and mobile applications, covers the following objectives.

  • Reduction of workload in foreign offices with new functions to be added on existing portal
  • Creation of a customer-focused and innovative web platform
  • Provide ease of use and user experience
  • Create a high performing web platform
  • Agencies managing cargo handling processes more quickly and easily

Turkish Cargo Corporate Website

The corporate website which will be renewed with both design and Unigate infrastructure aims to offer a design that fits the corporate identity kept at the top of user experience.

The site will be built on a strong information architecture and mubile users will also experience the responsive design to the fullest. The site, which will also be integrated with Cargo Portal modules will make sure the user gets the maximum benefit.

We are pleased to be able to widen our horizon of experience in the aviation industry over the past 12 years by participating in such a large and comprehensive project.

We are pleased to expand our experience in the aviation industry over the past 12 years by participating in such a large and comprehensive project.