In accordance with the corporate identity and customer oriented mission of Aselsannet, the website was redesigned with Sharepoint infrastructure.

  • The website was established keeping in mind the latest trends and principles of user experience.
  • The designs were adapted for the best mobile device experience for smartphones and tablets.
  • In the detail pages, social media share buttons were added to keep constant interaction with social media.
  • The homepage is designed with card design technique to enable users to quickly access the highlighted information.
  • Activity areas and Products are designed to allow filtering by categorizing pages. The product pages also feature product images, product specifications and brochures.
  • A customer satisfaction survey was added to the contact page in order to measure customer satisfaction. With the help of this form,
  • Aselsannet will be able to receive incoming requests / complaints, and at the same time will be able to easily make changes on the form using the management panel if they would like to.
  • With the form added to the contact page, subcontractors' company information and various documents were allowed to be uploaded to Aselsannet.
  • Candidates were redirected to a candidate application system through a page where they could obtain information about Aselsannet human resources policies and career processes.